Dragonfly Dreams was created from a love of gardening and art.....and the magic of copper! Enchanting wind chimes, sparkling plant stakes, garden markers and so much more. Surround yourself with beauty...indoors and out.
It has always been important to me that the materials used are of the highest quality. Imagine finding a piece of art to adorn your garden that you just fell in love with. As the seasons pass the copper starts to crack, flake and rust. What? Copper? It doesn't do that! The vast majority of garden art purchased in the store is copper plated. While it appears glorious to begin with, it was not created to last.
Each and every copper piece designed and created by Dragonfly Dreams uses 99.9% pure copper. If left untreated the copper will age to a beautiful patina. If cared for in the same manner as copper jewelry it will retain a bright finish. One absolute guarantee is the Dragonfly Dreams art will never...ever...crack, rust or flake.
Take a stroll though the online gallery or visit our etsy store and see what treasures await!